Privacy rights in Armenia

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Privacy rights in Armenia are guaranteed by the constitution from 1995 with a revision in 2005.

Right to Privacy in Armenia


Everyone shall have the right to respect for his private and family life.

No information, other than that provided for by law, may be collected, kept, used and disseminated about any person without his/her agreeing thereto. It shall be prohibited to use or disseminate information about a person if it contradicts the purposes of collection or is not provided for by law.

Everyone shall be entitled to the right to be acquainted with the official information about himself/herself and in the possession of governmental or local self-administration bodies.

Everyone shall have the right of the correction of inaccurate information, and the elimination of illegally obtained information about himself/herself.

Everyone shall have the right to the privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, mail, telegraph and other communications, which shall be restricted only by court decision in cases and in conformity with the procedures prescribed by law.