Privacy rights in Azerbaijan

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Privacy rights in Azerbaijan are guaranteed by the constitution from 1995 with a revision in 2009.

Right to Privacy in Azerbaijan


I. Everyone has the right to personal inviolability.

II. Everybody has the right to keep their family life secret or private. Except in cases specified by law, interference with a person's private or family life is prohibited. Everyone has a right to protection against unlawful interference with his or her private or family life.

III. It is prohibited to gather, store, use or disseminate information about a person's private life without his or her consent. No one shall be followed, filmed, photographed, recorded, or subjected to any other similar actions without his or her knowledge or despite his or her disapproval, except when such actions are prescribed by law.

IV. The State guarantees everybody's right to keep secret their correspondence, telephone conversations and information transmitted by mail, telegraph or other means of communication.

V. Everyone may become familiar with the materials collected in regards to him or her save in cases prescribed by law. Everyone has a right to demand correction or elimination of the information collected in regards to him or her, which does not correspond to the truth or is incomplete or collected through violation of the provisions of law.


I. Everyone has the right to inviolability of the residence.

II. With the exception of cases specified by law or court no one is authorized to enter a residence against the will of the resident.