Privacy rights in Brazil

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Privacy rights in Brazil are guaranteed by the constitution from 1988 with a revision in 2015.

Right to Privacy in Brazil


Everyone is equal before the law, with no distinction whatsoever, guaranteeing to Brazilians and foreigners residing in the Country the inviolability of the rights to life, liberty, equality, security and property, on the following terms:


X.personal intimacy, private life, honor and reputation are inviolable, guaranteeing the right to compensation for pecuniary or moral damages resulting from the violation thereof;

XI.the home is the individual's inviolable asylum, and no one may enter it without the dweller's consent, except in cases of flagrante delicto, disaster or rescue, or, during the day, with a court order;

XII.secrecy of correspondence and of telegraphic, data and telephonic communications is inviolable, except, in the latter case, by court order, in the situations and manner established by law for purposes of criminal investigation or the fact-finding phase of a criminal prosecution;