Privacy rights in Croatia

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Privacy rights in Croatia are guaranteed by the constitution from 1991 with a revision in 2010.

Right to Privacy in Croatia


Homes shall be inviolable.

Only a court may order the search of a home or other premises, issuing a warrant with the statement of reasons, in conformity with law.

The tenant or his representative shall have the right to be present at the search of his home or other premises in the compulsory presence of two witnesses.

Under the conditions provided by law, the police authorities may enter a person's home or premises and carry out a search in the absence of witnesses even without a court warrant or consent of the tenant, if this is indispensable to enforce an arrest warrant or to apprehend the offender, or to prevent serious danger to life and health of people or major property.

A search aimed at finding or securing evidence for which there is grounded probability to be found in the home of the perpetrator of a criminal offence may only be carried out in the presence of witnesses.


Everyone shall be guaranteed respect for and legal protection of personal and family life, dignity, reputation and honor.


Freedom and privacy of correspondence and all other forms of communication shall be guaranteed and inviolable.

Restrictions necessary for the protection of the State security and the conduct of criminal proceedings may only be prescribed by law.