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Privacy rights in Ecuador are guaranteed by the constitution from 2008 with a revision in 2015.

Right to Privacy in Ecuador


The following rights of persons are recognized and guaranteed:


11.The right to confidentiality about one's convictions. No one can be obliged to make statements about these convictions. In no case shall it be possible to require or use, without the authorization of the holder or his/her legitimate representatives, personal or third-party information about one's religious beliefs, political affiliation or thinking, or data about one's health or sexual life, unless required for medical care.


19.The right to protection of personal information, including access to and decision about information and data of this nature, as well as its corresponding protection The gathering, filing, processing, distribution or dissemination of these data or information shall require authorization from the holder or a court order.

20.The right to personal and family intimacy.

21.The right to inviolability and secrecy of hard-copy and on-line correspondence, which cannot be retained, opened or examined, except in those cases provided by law, after court order and under the obligation to uphold the confidentiality of matters other than those motivating their examination This right protects any type or form of communication.

22.The right to the inviolability of one's domicile. It shall not be possible to enter the house of a person or conduct inspections or searches without their authorization or a court warrant, except in matters of felonies, in those cases and forms provided for by law.