Privacy rights in Gabon

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Privacy rights in Gabon are guaranteed by the constitution from 1991 with a revision in 1997.

Right to Privacy in Gabon


The Gabonese Republic recognizes and guarantees the inviolable and imprescriptible rights of Man, which obligatorily constrain public powers.


5.the secrecy of correspondence, postal, telegraphic, telephonic, and telematic communications is inviolable. Restriction of this inviolability can only be ordered in application of the law, for reasons of public order and the security of the State;

6.the limits of the usage of information systems for the safeguard of Man, the personal and familial intimacy of persons, and the full exercise of their rights, are fixed by law;


12.the domicile is inviolable. It can only be ordered searched by a judge or by other authorities designated by the law. Searches can only be executed in the forms provided for herein. Measures touching upon the inviolability of the domicile or limiting it can only be taken in order to prepare for collective dangers or to protect public order from imminent menaces, notably in order to fight against the risks of epidemic or in order to protect persons in danger;


Outside of the cases expressly provided for by the Constitution, the law establishes the rules concerning:


•the conditions of the usage of information systems so that honor, personal and familial intimacy of citizens, as well as the full exercise of their rights shall be safeguarded;