Privacy rights in Honduras

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Privacy rights in Honduras are guaranteed by the constitution from 1982 with a revision in 2013.

Right to Privacy in Honduras


The right to honor, to personal privacy, to a family, and to one's dignity is guaranteed.


The home is inviolable. No entrance or search may be made without the consent of the occupant or without order from a competent authority. Nevertheless, it may be searched, in case of urgency, to prevent the commission or impunity crimes, or to avoid grave injury to persons or damage to property.

Except in cases of urgency, search of the home may not take place between seven o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the morning, without incurring responsibility.

The law shall determine the requirements and formalities regarding the manner in which the entrance, inspection or search may be carried out, as well as the responsibilities that may be incurred by the authority carrying it out.


Every person has the right to the inviolability and privacy of correspondence, specifically mail, telegrams and telephone conversations, except by judicial order.

Books and documents of merchants and their private papers shall be subject only to inspection and supervision by the competent authorities, in accordance with law.

The correspondence, books and documents referred to in this article that are violated or seized shall not serve as evidence in a trial.

In any case, the secrecy of private matters which have no bearing on the matter of the action taken shall be maintained.