Privacy rights in Peru

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Privacy rights in Peru are guaranteed by the constitution from 1993 with a revision in 2009.

Right to Privacy in Peru


Every person has the right:


9.To the inviolability of his home. No one may enter a dwelling or conduct any investigation or search without authorization from the inhabitant or without a warrant, except in cases of in flagrante delicto or serious threat of the perpetration thereof. Exceptions for reasons of health or serious risk are governed by law.

10.To the secrecy and inviolability of private communications and documents.

•Communications, telecommunications, or any private correspondence may only be opened, seized, intercepted, or tapped by the authority of a warrant issued by a judge and with all the guarantees provided in the law. Any matter unrelated to the circumstances under examination shall be kept secret.

•Private documents obtained in violation of this provision have no legal effect.

•Books, receipts, and accounting and administrative documents are subject to inspection or audit by relevant authority in accordance with the law. Any action thus taken may not include removal or seizure, except by a court order.