Privacy rights in Tuvalu

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Privacy rights in Tuvalu are guaranteed by the constitution from 1986.

Right to Privacy in Tuvalu


1. Subject to the provisions of this Part, and in particular to—

a.subsection (2); and

b.section 31 (disciplined forces of Tuvalu); and

c.section 32 (foreign disciplined forces); and

d.section 33 (hostile disciplined forces); and

e.section 36 (restrictions on certain rights and freedoms during public emergencies),

•except with his consent no-one shall be subjected to—

f.the search of his person, or

g.the search of his property; or

h.entry by others on his property.

2. Nothing in or done under a law shall be considered to be inconsistent with this section to the extent that the law makes provision for search or entry for a purpose declared by or under an Act of Parliament to be a public purpose for the purposes of this section, or—

a.for the purpose of protecting the rights or freedoms of others; or

b.for the purpose of authorizing an officer or agent of—

i.a governmental body; or

ii.a body corporate established by law for a public purpose, to enter on the property of any person— order to inspect the property or anything on it for the purposes of any law providing for taxation; or order to carry out any work connected with any thing that is lawfully on the property and that belongs to the governmental body or body corporate, as the case may be; or

c.for the purpose of authorizing the entry on any property under an order of a court for the purpose of enforcing a judgment or order of a court; or

d.for the purpose of authorizing the entry on any property for the purpose of—

i.preventing or detecting the commission of an offence; or

ii.administering, policing or enforcing a law (including a revenue law); or permitted by section 20 (property rights).