What is Privacy?

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According to Cambridge English Dictionary, Privacy is “Someone’s right to keep their personal matters and relationships secret,” or “the state of being alone.” - Cambridge Dictionary

According to Oxford English Dictionary, Privacy is “A state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people,” or “the state of being free from public attention.” - Oxford Dictionary

Privacy is the state of being your true self. For much of the history of Privacy, privacy rights were not guaranteed by anyone or entity. Privacy is an individual's proprietary responsibility first and foremost. Nowadays, many countries have a legal right to privacy for all of their constituents. Whether this legal right to privacy is upheld or not, is a different matter entirely.

In jurisdictions where privacy rights are not formally described and upheld, concepts of privacy still exists and are practiced in some form. Many privacy norms have ethno-social origins and as such, the local definition of privacy changes depending on where you are in the world.

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